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Anti-Racist Resources, Dual Credit Equity, High School Success | 11/29/2021

Katie Gustainis
Marketing & Communications Director, Stand for Children Washington

As we approach the holiday season, I want to give you a quick snapshot of what our team has been working at Stand for Children Washington for the past few months:

Eliminating Youth Fines & Fees

Last legislative session, we were proud to expand the scope of our advocacy efforts to support a bill that targeted educational support towards young people who are incarcerated. Since then, we have been hard at work connecting with advocates for young people impacted by the criminal legal system to prepare a campaign that would eliminate all fines & fees charged to juvenile offenders and their families, launching in early 2022. You can learn more about recent similar efforts in Oregon here or the state of juvenile fines and fees in Washington here.

Building Community 

One of the ways you can support Stand for Children is by making a donation to us before the end of the year. We're proud to celebrate Giving Tuesday with our community partners and offer the opportunity for our supporters to invest in building this movement alongside us. If you're ready to give now, you can start a monthly contribution or make a one-time gift on our donation page

Building Bridges to Dual Credit

Last month we launched a brand-new report that documents the momentous progress Washington has made to implement equitable dual credit policy in every school district. This month we're highlighting the educators at Bridgeport High School, Principal Tamra Jackson and Superintendent Scott Sattler, who have been building a college-going culture in their small-town district for over two decades. You can read the whole story of how Bridgeport grew from one of the worst-performing districts in the state to one of the top three in the country in our latest blog.

Learning From History

Stand for Children is proud to be a facilitating member of the Learn From History Coalition, a group of respected organizations collectively representing millions of parents, educators, students, and other Americans of goodwill. A broad bipartisan majority of Americans agree: for students to create a better society, schools need to provide a thorough, accurate, and fact-based history education and teach students to reject racism and respect the equal value of every person. Unfortunately, rampant misinformation about what is taught in schools is forcing teachers to omit difficult parts of our history and adding yet another stressor for teachers at the worst possible time. To learn more, we recommend reviewing the guides that have been created for parents, school board members, administrators, and teachers at learnfromhistory.org.

Finally, Stand for Children Washington is searching for a Development and Operations Coordinator to join our team! You can click here to review the full job description, benefits, and salary range. Applicants who live anywhere in Washington state are encouraged to apply.

Thank you for continuing to stand with us as we work together to create more whole and equitable communities.

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