What we're standing for in 2021

College & Career Readiness, Current Events & News, Legislation | 01/08/2021

Katie Gustainis
Marketing & Communications Director, Stand for Children Washington

Prioritize Racial Equity

Stand for Children’s goal in 2021 is to advocate for policies that target support to Black and Brown students who have been historically marginalized by our education system. We believe that an equitable education system can only exist when we are actively dismantling systemic racism.

Use Proven Solutions

We must implement policies that are already working in schools and communities to help more students graduate on time, ready for college and career, including:

  • targeted mental health and academic support
  • equitable access to coursework and technology
  • reforms to the criminal and youth justice systems

In 2021 we are advocating for the Washington legislature to directly support historically marginalized students through policies that:

  1. Protect investments that center students furthest from justice.
  2. Expand student access to counseling services.
  3. Enact meaningful criminal justice reform.
  4. Establish equitable access to digital learning.

Read the full version of our 2021 legislative priorities here.

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