What does Dr. King's legacy mean to you?

Anti-Racist Resources, Current Events & News | 01/18/2021

The Stand for Children Washington Team

"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle."

- Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As Dr. King knew intimately, the reality of making change in our world is not a process that happens quickly or easily. The work of advocacy is not simple, nor is it straightforward. It is ongoing, it is persistent, and it is often a struggle. 

Our team at Stand for Children is proud to honor the legacy of Dr. King today and every day by remaining committed to an ongoing partnership for change with parents, educators, students, and community members. We are in this continuous struggle together.

As our nation reflects today on Dr. King's words and actions for a more just world, we invite you to listen to the reflection of our colleague Tommorrow Synder, the Regional Organizing Director of Stand for Children Illinois, about how her family's legacy of servant leadership inspires her work every day.

Stand for Children Washington's goal in 2021 is to advocate for policies that target support to Black and Brown students who have been historically marginalized by our education system. We believe that an equitable education system can only exist when we are actively dismantling systemic racism.

As part of our ongoing efforts to center racial justice and in response to the urgent need to identify and help address the damage caused by systemic racism, Stand Washington is broadening the scope of the issues we work on that affect Black and Brown students. We will continue to recognize education as a critical lever for creating opportunity and dismantling racism, but it is not the only one. Our advocacy will expand to partner with leaders immersed in this work, and in accordance with proven policies, for meaningful changes in education-adjacent spaces such as criminal justice reform and economic justice. 

Our work today is to find the ways in which we will make change happen.  Every day we can do something to bring more justice to this nation and this world. Thank you for standing with us.

Standing with you,

The Stand for Children Washington team

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