We Cannot Flee the Future

Anti-Racist Resources, Current Events & News, Who We Are | 06/05/2020

Libuse Binder
Executive Director, Stand for Children Washington

This moment in time is a reminder for us that our fight to stand up for children is not separate from the movement to end police violence against Black lives. We are fighting for the opportunity to build a better world together, which means dismantling systems that perpetuate systemic racism both in our streets and in our schools. We may not feel as if we have the words right now, so it is important to listen to those who do. 

“Riot is the language of the unheard.”

Playon Patrick, (Youth Leader, MBK Columbus, OH; Incoming Freshman, The Ohio State University) quoting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during his performance on Wednesday during the Obama Foundation’s Conversation on Reimagining Policing in the Wake of Continued Police Violence.

“For all of its uncertainty, we cannot flee the future. We must not become the new puritans and reject our society. We must address and master the future together. It can be done if we restore the belief that we share a sense of national community; that we share a common national endeavor. It can be done.

There is no executive order; there is no law that can require the American people to form a national community. This we must do as individuals and if we do it as individuals, there is no President of the United States who can veto that decision.”

Barbara Jordan, former U.S. Representative from Texas, speaking at the Democratic National Convention, New York City, July 12, 1976 (Transcribed from the video, GREAT SPEECHES, VOLUME IV)

 “Reflect” by Nikkolas Smith


As we look now to what we can do today, we are grounding ourselves in our commitment to ensure that our public schools are a safe and supportive environment for children to learn, grow, reflect, and build community with one another.

Here are links to a few resources that are teaching and inspiring us:

At Stand for Children in Washington, we are extending our hands, we are reaching out, and we are listening. We stand with those standing up for Black lives and standing against police violence.

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