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Topic: News & Press

Washington State Charter Schools Association to host first conference


Interested in learning more about public charter schools in Washington? Then you'll definitely want to check out the First Annual WA Charters Conference on May 8 - 9, 2014.

Here's the run-down:

We are at a critical time for public education in Washington.  With the recent passage of Initiative 1240 and the subsequent approval of eight schools, we must come together to support the development of high quality public charter school sector for students in our state.

Parents: State Testing Starts This Week


From March 25 through June 6, 2014, select school districts in Washington will be piloting new tests that are a better measure of student learning in math, reading and writing.

Common Core

Since Washington adopted the Common Core learning standards in 2011, our state along with 23 other states, which are part of the Smarter Balanced consortium, developed new Common Core-aligned tests to help measure students' knowledge, understanding and skills.

Gov Inslee says Legislature must act on NCLB & teacher evaluations


After meeting with Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Governor Inslee confirmed that Washington must pass legislation to update our teacher evalution system in order to keep our waiver from No Child Left Behind and the flexible federal funds that go with it.

Media Roundup: Teacher Evaluations, $44 million & No Child Left Behind


Links to all the news coverage (updated 2/25) of Washington's teacher evaluation system, our waiver from No Child Left Behind and the $44 million in flexible federal funds that goes with it.

What's at stake: Preschools, after-school programs, summer programs, and instructional coaching for teachers. Click here to learn more.

Jonah Edelman talks family engagement on Education Nation


NBC's annual Education Nation summit is October 6-8, and Jonah Edelman, our CEO and Co-Founder, will be on a panel discussion - October 8 at 8:30 am PST - to talk about effective family engagement and our Stand UP (University for Parents) program.

On standardized testing


Joanna Nolasco is a Seattle Member of Stand for Children Washington.

It was unlikely that the four panelists invited to Seattle’s Town Hall to discuss standardized testing would be able to see eye-to-eye on anything.

UPDATE: Seattle Schools Teachers Contract


Seattle Public Schools and the union, the Seattle Education Association, announced a tentative agreement this weekend. If the teachers' union votes to approve the agreement, then 50,000 students would start school as scheduled on Wednesday, Sept. 4, (and parents could breathe a sigh of relief!)

Seattle School District, teachers union have tentative agreement, Seattle Times, Sept. 1

News Roundup: Seattle Schools Teachers Contract


Kids shouldn't suffer because of adult squabbles. At Stand for Children, we support the Our Schools Coalition platform and we encourage both sides to move forward in good-faith negotiations so that 50,000 Seattle students can start school on time.

Read: The Smartest Kids in the World


Over on the national blog, Jonah Edelman, our co-founder and CEO, posted a book review of The Smartest Kids In The World, And How They Got That Way, a just-released must-read from author and journalist Amanda Ripley.

Seattle Times Drive for School Supplies


Every year, too many low-income and homeless children arrive at school without paper, pencils, books or other basic school supplies. That's why the Seattle Times is asking readers to donate now for their annual back-to-school supply drive.

Last year, contributors to The Times’ school-supply drive helped the YWCA program assist 1,546 children in emergency shelters and supportive housing. Supplies are kept on hand to help new arrivals through the school year.