Tell the FCC that families can't wait for internet access

COVID-19 Resources and Updates, Parent & Family Engagement | 04/27/2020

Libuse Binder
Executive Director

Stand families have sent thousands of emails urging Congress to secure funding to expand E-Rate so students without home broadband access can get connected and continue learning during COVID-19. But we’re still waiting – and every day Congress fails to act, millions of students miss out on critical time and instruction with their teachers that could give them a source of stability amidst the chaos.

Students need high-speed internet now. Today, we’re calling on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to step up and use its authority to ensure that students furthest from educational justice can access online learning at home. 

Tell Chairman Ajit Pai and FCC Commissioners to act immediately to expand E-Rate to fund home internet access for students in need.

About 1 in 6 children lack internet access at home in Washington. This digital divide disproportionately affects students of color and those in low-income homes, further illustrating the impact that inequitable policies and racist systems are having on our community. 

Being able to access a K-12 public education during this pandemic shouldn’t be a privilege – it’s a right. The educational inequities that already exist between low-income and wealthier students will grow wider every day until our leaders step up. 

Take one minute and urge the FCC to use its authority to make E-Rate funds available to equip students with home internet access.

If you're like millions of families who can't wait for lawmakers to act, our staff has contacted several companies to better understand what internet access is available for you right now. Here is our list of options and providers offering free or reduced plans during this time.

As always, we are proud to be standing with you.

Libuse Binder


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