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Washington Blog: Yes on 1240

Charter School Update: A letter to our supporters


Dear I-1240 supporters:

The Washington Public Charter Schools Initiative (I-1240) became state law today, December 6, after the November 2012 election was officially certified. We’d like to thank you for your help in passing this important initiative and encourage you to stay involved.

UW Professors are voting YES on 1240


Watch University of Washington professor Paul Hill talk about why he's voting YES on 1240 for public charter schools, then read UW professor Katie Baird in the Seattle Times discussing how voting YES on 1240 will bring some outstanding charter schools to Washington state.

Report: Examining Charter Schools


A new report by the Partnership for Learning and the University of Washington's Center on Reinventing on Public Education (CRPE) examines how charter schools would fit into Washington's public education landscape.

WSU President on charter schools


Watch former Washington State University President Sam Smith, Ph.D., talk about why he's voting Yes on 1240. Dr. Smith is a strong supporter of public education, and supports charter schools as another option for addressing the needs of struggling students  - including the 14,000 kids who drop out of Washington schools every year.

Learn more about YES on 1240 for public charter schools.

Charter School Update: Why vote YES on 1240


More and more people are seeing the benefits of public charter schools, especially for struggling students. Public charter schools can offer parents another option in the search for the best learning environment for their children.

Meeting Opposition Arguments

Lynne Varner at the Seattle Times wrote an excellent column, Why Charter Initiative Should Win This Time, that meets all of the opposition's arguments. 

What are Charter Schools?


What are public charter schools? Watch the new TV ad and then vote YES on 1240 to give Washington parents and students another option.

Learn more about public charter schools.

Visit the YES on 1240 website.

Yes on 1240: Endorsements, Debates & Yard Signs


We're proud to be a part of the growing coalition who is voting YES on 1240 for public charter schools.

To add your name to the list of people who believe that parents and students in Washington deserve the same choices and options that parents and students in 41 other states have, just click here.

You can also LIKE the YES on 1240 campaign on Facebook and share updates with your friends.

Public Charter School Debate


Yes on 1240 for public charter schools! 41 states already have public charter schools, and many are successful at closing the achievement gap and helping struggling students succeed. It's time for Washington parents and students to have the same option.

Watch our Director, Shannon Campion, debate an opposition blogger on the Seattle Channel:

Yes on 1240: An Essential Option


The Tacoma News Tribune is the 5th newspaper to endorse YES on 1240 for public charter schools, calling the option "an essential escape route

Blend Your School


Local education leader Tom Vander Ark is co-hosting a conference at the Tacoma Convention & Trade Center, called OpenBlend, with the Tacoma Public Schools and the Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD).