PETITION: We must invest early in graduation

High School Success, Legislation | 02/14/2022

Katie Gustainis
Marketing & Communications Director, Stand for Children Washington

We've passed the halfway mark for the 2022 legislative session, Katie. Now it's time to turn our attention to the budgeting process and ensure that legislators are investing in programs that are already working to support students, families, and educators. 

Will you join us today by signing a petition that urges legislators to invest early in high school graduation?


Yesterday, Senator Marko Liias from the 21st legislative district published an opinion-editorial in the Everett Herald urging his colleagues in the Senate to support Ninth Grade Success teams in this year's budget. He explained more in the article:

"If a student passes all of their classes during the freshman year of high school, they are four times more likely to graduate on time. This is where Ninth Grade Success Teams of teachers, counselors and administrators come in, partnering with students, parents and other educators to keep students on track during the critical transition into high school. The investments needed to allow five more schools to utilize this program are modest, but the impacts will be transformational."


Unable to access the link? Download a PDF of the article here.

The reality that our schools are facing right now means that we must prioritize investments in programs that are already working for educators to support students. Ninth Grade Success Teams were first funded by the legislature in 2019 and have expanded in high schools across the state since then, including to Senator Liias' own school district in Mukilteo:

"At Mariner high school, ninth graders who might otherwise disengage later in high school have responded enthusiastically to new Freshman Seminar courses that create opportunities to identify their goals and plan for their futures. Ninth Grade Success Teams have also served as extra support during the pandemic by making it easier for each student to get what they need for a successful education. Right now, at Kamiak high school, time together as a team allows staff to identify which students need the most support before a failed class affects their trajectory in high school."

Senator Liias and Senator Mullet have both submitted a "proviso" (a proposal) to the Senate budget-writers that would provide much-needed funding to continue this work in more schools next year, and now they need your support. 

Will you sign our petition urging the Senate's support of Ninth Grade Success Teams? 


There are less than 30 days left in this 60-day legislative session, which means every moment counts in these final weeks. Please join us in supporting educators across the state by signing this petition today. 

Thank you for your ongoing advocacy to support students and families, and thank you for standing with us.

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