Darcelina Soloria
Spokane Organizer, Stand for Children Washington

Last month, we surveyed the subscribers of our monthly Parents & Families Newsletter to find out what topics we should cover in the 2020-21 school year. The results gave us a clear picture for what information families are craving as we go back to school.

Based on that feedback, this year's Parent & Family Newsleter will include three 3-month series about these topics:

  • Remote Learning Tips & Tricks
  • Mental Health Support for Students
  • Special Education (IEPs and 504s)

You can sign up to receive our monthly Parent and Family Newsletter here.

The comments in our survey gave a window into what's going through parents heads right now while we all grapple with a back-to-school that looks different from anything we've experienced before. What stuck out to me was the underlying concern about balancing work and online school schedules:

“How do school districts plan on accommodating Parents who work and are unable to follow a school schedule with distance learning?”

“How do I keep my child engaged in learning during the pandemic?”

"How do we balance screen time with pencil/paper? Parents need practical solutions."

My hope is that this newsletter will be one way that we can provide the practical solutions that parents and family members are asking for right now. Sign up here to receive our monthly Parents & Families Newsletter in your inbox. I look forward to sharing what we learn with you next month. 

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