It isn't a fight we asked for.

Parent & Family Engagement | 11/05/2019

Devony Audet
Stand 2020 Fellow

I am so pleased to introduce you to Devony Audet, a member of the inaugural cohort of our 2020 Stand Fellow program. Based in Spokane as a Training Fellow, Devony facilitates workshops and presentations for families in our community and will deliver trainings on important community issues. She is currently the leader of the Garry Middle School Team of parents and family members and comes to Stand with a wealth of knowledge of and experience within the special education community. I would love for you to get to know Devony, so I asked her a few questions about herself so that she could share with you in her own words. Please join me in congratulating Devony on joining us a rockstar Fellow! - Darcelina, Spokane Organizer

Where did you grow up? Mostly Spokane, Washington. I was born in Vancouver, Washington and moved to Spokane when I was 7 and have been here since then.

What is your goal as a Fellow this year? I want to make as much difference as I can in Special Education. I am doing everything I can in my district but I want to see how far we can make an impact. City wide, state wide, federally. The sky is the limit. Special education needs some big changes and I want to see what I can do with Stand to make some of those changes happen. It is a discussion a lot of people are starting to have and we can make a huge impact!

"I want to make sure my son and other students like him aren't falling through the cracks due to being differently abled. Stand for Children specifically wants to champion for kids just like my son."

What drives you to volunteer with Stand? My children. All 3 of my children are amazing in their unique ways. Only 1 struggles educationally and it has less to do with him and more to do with the fact that children who aren't neurotypical don't often do well in our education system. My son has a lot on his shoulders already with his vast medical needs and he shouldn't have to fight so hard just to get an equitable education. I want to make sure my son and other students like him aren't falling through the cracks due to being differently abled. Stand for Children specifically wants to champion for kids just like my son and I am honored to work alongside all of the amazing people at Stand!

Devony leading a workshop on special education for Spokane families.

Have you been an advocate for other issues in the past? I have been pretty passionate advocating in the last few years for education and things regarding schools and it is just recently I started doing it with Stand. One time I specifically advocated for our local school district to provide more school nurses by calling all of my legislators to find out how much funding my school district received for nursing. That experience led me to look for a group of advocates like me, which is how I found Stand!

Who is your inspiration? My son and other children like him. He has been through more in his 12 years than a lot of people go through their whole lives. Most of the time he does it with a smile on his face and with a joke. He was born a fighter, for him there has never been any other way. He has to fight for everything to include a chance at an equitable education alongside his peers. It isn't a fight we asked for but I am honored to be able to help him and others like him achieve their fullest potential.

What are you looking most forward to doing this year? Meeting amazing people who want to make a difference and doing it together with a collective voice. I am so excited to see what this year with Stand brings!

Stand for Children’s Fellows Program is a leadership development program aimed at transforming socially conscious people into community leaders and change makers. Through an intensive year-long engagement/commitment, Stand Fellows will embark on an experiential journey of skill building and enrichment opportunities which will allow them to connect to their community and harness the power of their collective voices to change state and local systems and ensure all students receive a high quality and relevant education.

If you’d like to support our Fellows Program and Devony’s work with families in Spokane, give a gift to Stand for Children Washington today.

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