An invitation to the Summer Planning Series

High School Success, Parent & Family Engagement | 06/14/2021

Kia C. Franklin
Executive Director, Stand for Children Washington

Our team has spent more than a year meeting virtually with each other, volunteers, legislators, and partners as we advocate for a more equitable education system together. Although we have missed being in-person, it’s also been incredibly meaningful and even surprising how much we’ve been able to expand our network and deepen our connections statewide through online events.

Gathering virtually has created a whole new level of accessibility for parents and caregivers who would’ve otherwise needed childcare and for educators who wouldn’t normally have been able to find the time amidst the busy school year schedule. Although in-person events will always offer a different kind of connection, we believe that the accessibility of virtual gatherings is an opportunity to include a broader diversity of voices in our work as advocates.

With all of this in mind, I’m excited to invite you to our upcoming Summer Planning Series of virtual community events. At Stand for Children, summertime is when we reflect on our accomplishments and lessons from this past school year while we plan ahead for the upcoming year of advocacy. We’d like to invite you to join that planning process with us now. We hope you’ll bring:

  • your lived experiences of the education system as it exists, 
  • your ideas for what should be better, and
  • your feedback on whether we’re going in the right direction.


While we wait for more families with young children to feel safe in gathering together in-person as vaccinations increase and infection risk decreases, this feels like a silver lining to us. Let’s gather together and plan what we’re going to be advocating for over the next year. Your experiences and ideas are an essential part of our planning process. Sign up here to make sure you receive updates about the Series.

We’re planning conversations around these topics and welcome your participation at multiple events as they relate to you:

  • Spokane Area Community Priorities
  • High School Experience + Graduation Requirements
  • Reimagining School
  • Student Voice

While many of us experience in-person reunions with our family and friends and find solace and comfort in one another, we look forward to seeing you online this summer to forge our statewide advocacy community until we all meet in Olympia next January for the 2022 legislative session.

If you’re interested in learning more, please sign up here to receive our Summer Planning Series updates and we’ll make sure you get the invitations to join our upcoming events. I look forward to seeing you there.

Standing with you, 


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