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COVID-19 Resources and Updates, Current Events & News | 03/19/2020

Katie Gustainis
Marketing & Communications Director, Stand for Children Washington

Learning Heroes co-founder - and Stand for Children Advisory Board Member - Cindi Williams has pulled together a list of some of the highest quality, easiest to access free resources you can begin using right away to create schedules and “at-home” school so that you can both keep your sanity and know that the tasks are appropriate and worthy of their time.

Learning Heroes will continue to update this list as resources emerge, but in the meantime, we are confident parents will rise to the challenge.

Access the full post here for the most up-to-date list.

Here are a few of the comprehensive K-12 resources on the list to get you started:

(K-12) Khan Daily:

Khan Academy, a math resource familiar to most parents, has upped their offering, providing daily detailed “block” schedules for grades K-12 from 8:00 am- 3:30 pm. Students can navigate the site independently, they click on a hyperlink within a subject and are sent to a new screen that outlines each skill within the subject. Students learn through a series of videos and practice questions and are unable to move on to the next skill until they’ve completed all of their practice

(K-12) National Geographic:

Lesson that are usually shared with teachers are being adapted for parents at home using minimal supplies and harnessing student creativity. They are pulling together videos, interactive maps and activities to encourage young learners to explore social studies, biology, ecology, human geography and much more.

(K-8) Uncommon Schools:

Uncommon Schools is sharing it's resources for K-8 students publicly, including daily suggested schedules for each grade and suggested content to read, watch, and review for each grade.They also have a suggested lesson plan for high school teachers.

(K-12) ReadWriteThink:

After clicking on the appropriate grade level, this website gives families access to activities and projects, games and tools, tips and how-to’s, printouts, and podcasts to help enhance reading and writing.


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