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COVID-19 Resources and Updates | 03/20/2020

Libuse Binder
Executive Director, Stand for Children Washington

As students finish up their first week at home with family - perhaps you’re figuring out how to feed your family three times a day, you’re navigating at-home learning, or you’re just getting your feet under you - our team is here for you, and for every family like yours.

Our mission to ensure that every student receives a high-quality and relevant education stands strong, now more than ever. In this new reality of social distancing and learning at home, our team is doing everything we can to assess how and where we can be most helpful to you.

As we look ahead, we’re continuing to keep a laser focus on building an equitable education system that serves every single student, and especially those whom our system is failing to provide the support they need.

We will continue to be in touch as things evolve, but for now, I’ve gathered up a rundown of the resources we’re providing during this uncertain time. 

Food and Financial Stability

  • SpringFour is a database of local resources that helps connect you with services and assistance in your community. Just type in your zip code and the SpringFour tool provides instant, local results that can help you find affordable childcare, health insurance, save you money and improve your financial security. This resource was previously available as a benefit for Stand for Children members, but we have now opened up access to anyone in our networks who would like support.

Learning Support

  • FASTalk is a free evidence-based tool that offers lessons to help children in Pre-K through 5th grade continue their daily learning. Any caregiver with access to a cell phone can participate. Families receive weekly curriculum-aligned activities sent via text in their specified language. FASTalk also provides tips for parents to support social and emotional learning, including managing stress and anxiety.

  • COVID-19 Resources & Updates is our central hub of important announcements from state education agencies including OSPI, State Board of Education, plus the Governor’s office. The latest includes the new website for centralized information and some resources for learning at home sorted by grade and subject.

Expanded Family Support

  • Workshops for Parents & Families are transitioning from being school-based and in-person formats to being applicable statewide and available on-line. We are currently finalizing our schedule and will share it soon. You can expect one workshop available per week, with a rotating list of our four most popular and relevant topics available for free to anyone who is interested to call in via phone or through a computer. All available topics will address navigating our current situation amidst social distancing and school closure, including:
  • SURVEY FOR PARENTS & FAMILIES - As we pivot and adjust to the current reality, we want to know how we can best support you. If you have a school-age student, please take 1 minute to fill out our survey and let us know what you need most right now.

  • Our Parent & Family Newsletter continues to be a monthly resource for families navigating the Washington education system. Next week we’ll be finishing up our series on graduation pathways with a new focus on what we can anticipate graduation requirements to look like in a time of social distancing. You can sign up to receive that newsletter here.

  • 1on1 support via phone - our organizing staff is available to talk with you through one-on-one phone calls. Whether you need support figuring out at-home learning, you need access to the internet, or you want to find local food pick-ups, Natalie (206-356-7078) and Darcelina (509-701-4581) will do their best to help. Feel free to give them a text or call now, and we’ll be in touch about more opportunities to connect soon.


  • 2020 Legislative Summary - Amidst the announcements of school closures and social distancing measures, the state legislature finished the 2020 legislative session last Thursday. We have pulled together a review of the progress on our legislative priorities and other notable legislation. You can read the review here. Or, if you’d like to listen instead, you can listen to the recording of yesterday’s Legislative debrief call here.

  • Looking ahead - as an advocacy organization, we continue to pay close attention to state policies that impact students and families who are not being served by the systems in place. If you have concerns about gaps in support for your student or others, please don’t hesitate to email us at and we will continue to look for opportunities to support students and families throughout the state. 

Standing with you,


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