Five tips for learning during school building closures

COVID-19 Resources and Updates, Parent & Family Engagement | 04/20/2020

Darcelina Soloria
Spokane Organizer

We recently co-hosted our Homeschool Survival Kit Workshop with fourth grade teacher and parent of two in Spokane, Andrea Williams. She joined us to share her experiences with teaching students at home as a parent and some tips for learning during school closures from her role as a teacher.

Here are Andrea’s top five tips on parenting and teaching at home in our current reality:

  • Give yourself grace and flexibility. "Even during a normal school day, sometimes my lesson plan falls apart because my class needs 15 extra minutes of recess to let their extra energy out. You’ll find the right balance."

  • Make a schedule. "It will keep both the adults and the kids on track. But also, remember my first point. Be flexible. It will likely change, and you’ll get into a good rhythm."

  • It’s okay not to use every resource you find. "It’s overwhelming! For my kids, I prioritize what I think they should do and what I know they WILL do. I look for things I know they’ll be excited about."

  • Find the adventure. "As a teacher, when I have a positive attitude and am excited about what’s happening, my students feel it. The same is true at home. I gave my kids an outdoor scavenger hunt with photo challenges to change things up, because it sounded fun!"

  • Support each other. "My sister is a nurse in another state, so I’m helping her out as much as I can by connecting my niece and my son during the day. Right now they’re both reading the same book and they get together at the same time each day to read and answer questions together in a shared Google doc. He really loves it and cherishes the time with his cousin."

We cover these types of suggestions, answer questions, and share more resources in the on-demand recording of the Homeschool Survival Kit workshop, available here, which you can join any time! 


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