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Elections | 12/04/2020

Katie Gustainis
Marketing & Communications Director, Stand for Children Washington

One month after election day in Washington and we are proud to finally celebrate all of our success in several very hard-fought campaigns. 

During the general election, our team worked to support a total of 11 candidate races, including 4 key races to ensure education champions are elected: Chris Reykdal ran for re-election to the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Senator Mark Mullet who ran for re-election in the 5th district, Angela Homola ran for an open House seat in the 10th district and Helen Price Johnson who challenged the Senate seat in the 10th district. We also supported a number of other races and are notably proud of newly elected April Berg as a State Representative of the 44th district.

Here’s the full list of our endorsed winning candidates from the 2020 election:


You can see our earlier update on our target races from the week of the election here.

We pulled out all the stops in our efforts - we developed digital display ads for 7 of our races, texted voters across the state, and shared personal stories from Stand members who shared why they supported the re-election of Superintendent Chris Reykdal. We’re proud to have Devony Audet, a parent of a special education student and Havivah Giangreco, who just graduated from high school and cast her first ballot, as volunteer fellows on our team.

Stand also joined local leaders in the Committee for Proven Leadership to coordinate efforts on the re-election of Senator Mullet. The committee ran a digital video ad, executed a targeted mail campaign, and hired socially distant canvassers who knocked on almost 8,500 doors to encourage voters to choose Mullet. 

Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Chris Reykdal won with 56.7% of the vote and Senator Mark Mullet won re-election by a tight margin of 56 votes. Senate candidate Helen Price Johnson, and House candidate Angie Homola both lost by very small margins, despite support from Stand and the state teachers union. April Berg won the open seat in the 44th with 51.76% of the vote. 

Both Superintendent Reykdal and April Berg took the time to share messages of gratitude to our Stand volunteers and are ready to get down to the hard work ahead for Washington students. The entire Stand for Children team is proud to stand by these education champions and is ready to keep the work moving as we all fight for a more equitable future together.


Now that we’ve elected even more education champions, we can continue on the path to progress in ensuring every student has access to the education they deserve. This process has just begun. Our existing and newly elected lawmakers will need to hear from you! 


Will you pledge to take action with us during the 2021 legislative session? Speaking up, sharing your story, and talking with legislators is what it will take to make progress towards building a better world together. We are proud to stand side by side with you as we stand up for students.

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