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Issue: Elect Education Champions in Washington

Vote for an education champion in Tacoma, vote for Andrea Cobb


When it comes to making decisions about the future of our schools, we must elect local leaders who will keep children front and center in their policy priorities.  That is why we get involved in elections by endorsing strong candidates for the Tacoma School Board.

We endorse education champions who share our desire for bold change, who will make education their top priority, who can work strategically and effectively, and who will work with the community over the long term to improve outcomes for students in Tacoma. 

Stand for Children’s 2014 endorsements


Our goal is to ensure all students are prepared for college. But how do we make that happen?

One of the ways we advance public education in Washington is by endorsing and electing courageous leaders who will stand up for students in Olympia, regardless of their political party.

This year, Stand for Children is endorsing 24 candidates for the state legislature – 12 Democrats and 12 Republicans.

The even split was coincidental, but it reflects the bipartisan nature of the education movement in our state.

Election Results: Final


Thanks to the voters, the charter school initiative, I-1240, was approved, and 21 of Stand Washington's 26 endorsed candidates won and will be representing you in our state government in Olympia.

Final election results will be certified by the Secretary of State on December 6, which is the same day that I-1240 becomes law, and you can see all results on the Secretary of State's website

Election Results: First Count


Here are our election results based on the first count of ballots, which includes roughly 60% of the total number of ballots. 

The charter school initiative is winning, and in our legislative and statewide candidate races, 20 of our 26 endorsed candidates won, with two races still too close to call.

There will be more ballot count releases over the next few days until all the ballots are counted. Check the Secretary of State's website for the most recent election results.

Election Results: What to Expect & When


Vote-by-mail ballots in Washington must be postmarked by (instead of received by) election day, which means that ballots will continue to be counted for the next few days and possibly through the end of the week.

According to the Secretary of State's office, about 60% of all statewide ballots will be included in the first count, which will be released around 8:15pm on Election Day, November 6. Some counties are planning a second count release later that night.

Education Voters Guide for Washington's November 6 Election


Vote for education, vote for our future. See all our endorsed candidates for the November 6 election. 

Vote YES on 1240 for public charter schools and Rob McKenna for Governor.

For state legislative races, candidates are listed below in alphabetical order, with their party affiliation (D for Democratic or R for Republican) and their Legislative District number in parentheses. 

Rob McKenna's Message to Teachers


Rob McKenna is the education candidate for governor. Watch this video and share his plan to improve and fully fund our schools with the teachers in your life.

Learn more about Rob McKenna

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UW Professors are voting YES on 1240


Watch University of Washington professor Paul Hill talk about why he's voting YES on 1240 for public charter schools, then read UW professor Katie Baird in the Seattle Times discussing how voting YES on 1240 will bring some outstanding charter schools to Washington state.

Rob McKenna could be the education governor


We've collected all of our videos and blog posts about Rob McKenna for governor here to make it easy for you to see why we believe Rob McKenna could be the education governor that our students need and deserve.

Please tell your friends who you're voting for, and mail your ballot back by November 6. Click here for share-worthy content from the campaign.