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Current Events & News, High School Success, Legislation | 02/24/2020

Natalie Hester
State Organizing Director

Time is running out. We have only three days left to see a hearing on one of our top priority bills for 2020 and ensure that every student has access to their school counselor and the support they need to achieve their dreams.

There are a lot of bills proposed in Olympia that could make a big impact for students. Will you move this legislation forward with a phone call today?

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We've made it easy. All you need to do is submit this simple contact form here and we'll call your phone to connect you to the four most influential legislators who can make a difference. One click is all it takes to make four phone calls!

The thing is, it's not just us asking for your help. This bill, SB 6480, has broad support from educators, Senators, and school administrators from across the state who believe this bill will support students now:

  • Sunnyside Assistant Superintendent Heidi Hellner-Gomez told the Yakima Herald-Republic that "she has seen school counselors’ workload become increasingly full and their duties blurred over the past two decades." Also, in the Lake Chelan Mirror, high school Principal Brad Wilson wrote an editorial to urge lawmakers to support this bill now, "when the number of students in our schools, and the diversity of the challenges they face, expands every year."
  • This bill passed out of the Senate with an overwhelming amount of support from both sides of the aisle and both sides of the state.
  • Counselors are speaking up and asking for help to ensure they have time to spend with the students who need their support the most, instead of acting as a stand-in crossing guard or overseeing lunch lines. As long-time elementary school counselor Regina Brown told the Seattle Times, "It’s the least effective use with the most highly trained person in the building."
  • The Washington Education Association (our state's teachers union), the Washington School Counselors Association, and the state superintendent's office all testified in support of this bill in the Senate on February 5th.

Once you enter your contact information here, your screen will display a sample phone script for you to use on your call. Remember, the most important thing to do ask the Representatives to schedule SB 6480 for a hearing in the House Education Committee.

Thank you for being willing to stand up for students and advocating to give them the support they need to succeed. In a state that is 44th in graduation rates out of 50 states, our students deserve a full team of adults to support them every step of the way. I hope you'll take a moment to click here and call now.  

Standing with you,


Statewide Organizing Director

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