Brooke Brod
Organizing Director, Stand for Children Washington

We got a lot done in Olympia this year – with many thanks to our dedicated parent and community advocates – but there will always be more to do. Although the 2017 McCleary budget made progress, the effort to improve the system so every kid benefits equally is still underway.

After rigorous research into the best and most effective practices to improve student success, we are narrowing in on next year’s priorities:

  1. College and Career Readiness: In order to improve graduation rates and to support every kid, we are looking into policies such as:
    1. Academic Acceleration programs (like this one in Spokane) that automatically enroll qualified students, no matter their background, in advanced coursework. 
    2. Early Warning Systems starting in middle school to help track student success and identify those who need support before it’s too late. This is already helping kids in West Seattle and Tacoma.
  2. Building Early Literacy: In fourth grade, school curriculum shifts to require students to “read to learn,” a pivot which drives some struggling students further behind. Schools need more support to help students, especially in the transition from third to fourth grade.
  3. Funding the Students, not the System: We want to make sure that new funding secured during the 2017 Education Budget debate actually reaches and benefits the students who need it most.

Washington State is ranked 41st in the country when it comes to high school graduation. We can and will do better. We’re fighting for better schools and a more equitable system. 

Stay in the loop with us on what’s happening in WA education. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date on education news and legislative updates from Olympia. There will be times when we will need a hand, and our email action alerts will include instructions on how to make your voice heard. 

With your help we’ll do our best to make Washington schools work for every kid, from the Pacific to the Palouse.



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  • Thank you for all you’re doing and living ... we need to help every student achieve their highest level of ability and function according to their talents and gifts so that they can become self supporting, responsible, creative, and passionate people in our beautiful but complicated world!!! When children/ young people are appreciated for their value and contributions in small ways and survive failures through supported experiences then they grow to be strong adults... to meet life with open hearts and minds... the only way to ultimately thrive and live and learn to love ... Exercise doesn’t hurt either!!!! Best wishes for anything you can do to improve our public schools and resource them well for each child and family!!!!! Thank you so much again for all you’re doing!!!!!
    Cheryl Mcdaniel

    October 11, 2017 11:46 AM