Five Tips for Easing into Back to School

Parent & Family Engagement | 08/18/2016

Sarah Rolfe
Operations Coordinator

Sarah Rolfe is an MBA with a focus on non-profit and NGO's. She currently works with Stand for Children Washington.

We can almost see the end of summer break and the beginning of back to school. To help with the transition Stand for Children has pulled together some tips to help you and your children prepare and hopefully limit the first day of school mayhem.

#1 Transition early to a “school year” bed time

Start as soon as possible transitioning to the earlier bedtime. If you’ve let bedtime slide later over the summer it could be a shock to their systems on the first day, so starting at least two weeks before school begins is going to be essential. Move their bedtime up about 20 minutes every three days until you get them back on track.

#2 Make getting up fun

This might sound like a bribe, because, well, it IS a bribe. Waking up is biological but getting up, getting dressed, getting out of the house and to school is behavioral and not always what kids want to do. Why not reward them for getting out of bed the first time you ask with one round of their favorite video game or 15 minutes of cartoons? This is a great way to ease into the first week or two of the school year, just until the routine is more comfortable.

#3 Get your kids into “scholar” mode

In the last few weeks of the summer check out your local library. Libraries are a fun foray into getting kids school oriented and you can gently coax them into being inquisitive, curious and wanting to learn. Many libraries have a children’s librarian on staff for the perfect recommendation. Most kids love to have the freedom to pick out exactly what they want (provided it’s in stock, of course).

#4 Let tech make your job easier!

Try apps like MyHomework and iHomework. These apps help your kids organize their homework, reading, projects and more. You can set reminders and tasks. MyHomework has a free version; while iHomework has a nominal fee. Homework apps can create calendars of your assignments and color-code them. This way it’s clear what is due, and when. 

Starting now with back-to-school routines should help set up you and your children for success in the coming school year. Best of luck for back-to-school! 

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