Greg Zempel is a common sense choice for the court

Elections | 07/29/2016

Deb Jaquith
Marketing and Communications Director

Deborah serves as the marketing communications director for Stand for Children Washington.

The mission of the Washington Supreme Court is to impartially uphold and interpret the laws of our state.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the court has become highly politicized. It has, on multiple occasions, put itself at the center of our state's biggest political battles, making controversial rulings on charter schools and public school funding.

Greg Zempel - a candidate for Supreme Court Justice - wants to return common sense, civility, and sound reasoning to the court.

To learn more about Greg, click here:

The Kittitas County Prosecutor for 21 years, Zempel has argued almost every type of criminal case at every level of the state's court system. He's a Washington native, Eagle Scout, and University of Washington graduate.

And he knows the court isn't the place for politics and political favors. He knows justice requires impartiality, not personal agendas.

Thankfully, Washington's voters get a choice in the primary election by August 2.

Our choice is Greg Zempel. Please stand with us.

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