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College & Career Readiness | 04/13/2016

Deb Jaquith Marketing and Communications Director

Deborah serves as the marketing communications director for Stand for Children Washington.

A few years ago, we raised the expectations we have for what our students are learning in Washington, making sure they are on the path to college and career opportunities all across the country.  With that, a better test for grades 3 to 11 was created to make sure your child is on track academically, and perhaps even more importantly, to quickly identify any needed interventions.

The Smarter Balanced Assesment are meant to be a yearly academic check-up. Just like going to the doctor, these tests give us regular updates on students’ academic health and progress. While it’s just one measure of student performance; it can help you work with your child’s teacher to evaluate if your student is on track for their grade.

The old tests were rote memorization that didn’t measure what our students were learning in the classroom.  The new tests measure skills like critical thinking, and when you opt in in the spring you get a report (in late summer) with valuable, specific information on your child’s strengths and challenges; giving you more control in helping to manage your child’s education. The old tests definitely didn’t give you that!

Do you agree that the tests are important to your child’s education and success? Then take our pledge to Opt In for a Better Education.

Want to know more about these tests and what they mean for you? We have a wealth of information on our Opting in for a Better Education webpage, with links to practice tests, a parent checklist on supporting your child's educational goals, and a parent planning guide developed by the national PTA.

And don’t forget to take our pledge.

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