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Academic Acceleration: A path to college for all our kids


Academic Acceleration has been getting better results for students in Federal Way since 2010.

K.J. is a high school senior in Federal Way. As 1 of 5 kids in a low-income family, college hadn’t been a part of her culture – but Academic Acceleration is changing that.

We think Tacoma students deserve the same opportunity.

Tacoma can do a better job of putting more kids on the path to college – but that requires high expectations for all our students.

Academic Acceleration Petition

On February 14, the Tacoma School Board received a recommendation to adopt Academic Acceleration in Tacoma. Sign the petition to tell the Tacoma School Board that this is the right direction to go.

Academic Acceleration works by automatically enrolling every high school student who qualifies based on state tests into more rigorous classes, including Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) classes that offer college credit.

Join the movement to bring Academic Acceleration to our city!

"I think it will open the door and will increase the number of students graduating with better grades in general," says Terrell, a senior at Henry Foss High School in Tacoma.  

Sign this petition to put more kids like K.J. and Terrell on a path to college.

Academic Acceleration in Federal Way

What has Academic Acceleration accomplished in Federal Way? The total number of students taking advanced classes has increased by 195%! And now, students in those classes reflect the ethnic and racial diversity of the district. Add your support by signing the petition for Academic Acceleration now.

Read more about Federal Way's success here.


To make this idea even more successful, we need a viable AVID program in every single Tacoma school.