Facts About Washington's Education System

Who We Are | 09/19/2012

Anne Martens
Former Marketing & Communications Director

Anne is the former Marketing & Communications Director for Stand for Children Washington.

"We have to do a better job preparing students for the future. We don't need any more excuses," says Lindy from Spokane.

Right now in Washington

  • Nearly 1 in 4 students doesn't graduate from high school on time. Our graduation rate hs been stuck in the same place for decades.
  • Our achievement gap is widening. Too many students of color are performing at 2-3 grade levels below their white peers.
  • Only 4 states spend less time teaching science in elementary school than Washington.
  • Washington came in 32nd out of 36 states in President Obama's federal Race to the Top competition

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To see more stunning facts about the state of our education system, visit our "Just the Facts" page.

We can't keep doing the same old thing and expect different results. It's time to change the system.

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