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In support of public charter schools


Four major newspapers have already taken a stand in favor of non-profit public charter schools for our kids. Here are the highlights.

A worthwhile conversation about charter schools, Seattle Times, May 25

  • "Charter schools have the potential to outshine traditional public schools. For example, current burdensome rules limit the power of principals to choose their teachers. A charter principal would be able to tailor staff and programs to meet their students' needs."

Put charter schools plan on ballot and pass it, Spokane Spokesman Review, May 27

  • "The experience of Coeur d’Alene shows that a high-quality charter school ought to be viewed as a welcome addition. The Charter Academy has been a popular option, and the competition it has brought to the district has spurred other educational innovations."

A modest, constructive idea, Everett Herald, May 27

  • "If voters are to go along with a new, stable funding source to meet the McCleary mandate, they're going to have to be convinced the money will be spent effectively. That requires a willingness to try new approaches, not stubbornly clinging to the status quo."

Time to try charter schools: Innovative soluitons are needed to meet state's education challenges, Vancouver Columbian, June 3

  • "Charter schools represent innovative thinking, the same kind of open-mindedness that created magnet schools and other inventive solutions in public education. They're worth a try in a state whose constitution describes basic education as the state's 'paramount duty.'"

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