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Endorsements for A+ Washington


Newspapers across the state agree on A+ Washington, an education roadmap developed by the 36 members of the Excellent Schools Now coalition. Below is the latest roundup of editorials and op-eds on the importance of the A+ plan to improve education for all our kids.

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A+ Washington keeps education reform moving forward, The Seattle Times 

"The state Legislature made a notable commitment to protect public-education funding and act on key reforms in the face of daunting budget cuts in the just-concluded session. The challenge to keep the momentum going is met with a bold and comprehensive strategy that aligns education reform from pre-K to college or career training. A diverse coalition of local and statewide education groups banded together under the umbrella Excellent Schools Now and created a broad strategy for moving forward on education reform. The result is A+ Washington, a powerful and sequential road map worth consideration by the public and lawmakers." (May 4, 2012)

Some sensible steps forward, The Everett Herald

A coalition of education stakeholders has formed A+ Washington to help identify those steps. Its goals are simple: adopt sensible approaches to increase student learning and close the achievement gap that still plagues minority students in Washington. Getting there isn't simple, but the core ideas of A+ Washington do meet the common-sense test." (May 2, 2012)

Washington students need more schools like Tacoma's Lincoln Center, The Tacoma News Tribune

"The need for A+ Washington is real and urgent." (April 27, 2012)

Coalition's education road map earns A+, The Spokane Spokesman-Review 

"A+ Washington presents a realistic vision for near-term changes in pursuit of long term goals." (April 20, 2012)

Why I Like A+ WashingtonPubliCola

"The A+ Washington plan prioritizes strategic actions. It offers us a plan for how to help public education do its job as well as possible, and it assumes that our state will fulfill its paramount duty to fully fund education by 2018. I appreciate that kind of optimism. It honors students, families, teachers, administrators, and the taxpayers who would like an educated population, and is a well-thought out series of recommendations, something voters can use to have a say in the direction of public education in our state." (March 30, 2012)

(This post originally appeard on Partnership for Learning's blog)