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Washington’s newspapers and airwaves have been on fire the last few days over the battle to improve teacher and principal evaluations and open up opportunities for low-income children and communities of color with innovative public charter schools.

Champion Sen. Rodney Tom was on Seattle's NPR affiliate KUOW 94.9 this morning talking about why teacher evaluations must include measures of how much children are actually learning. Seattle Times reporter Brian Rosenthal took an in-depth look today at the four different bills on improving teacher and principal evaluation system, with detailed information on how the reform Stand for Children supports would “shake things up the most.”   Sunday, the Seattle Times columnist Lynne Varner called out the two education committee chairs who are refusing the let charter school and teacher evaluation legislation move forward.  And Saturday, the Seattle Times detailed the stand-off between legislators over the performance and charter bills. The heated debate shows that momentum is clearly growing in this state for a public education system centered on the needs of our children. And the session is far from over.

News Clips:

Bills would reshape how state teachers evaluated
A host of proposals for changing how teachers are evaluated contain only a few differences, but they concern major issues — including the use of evaluations in hiring decisions.

Washington's legislative education chairs stalled reforms to improve education
The failure of Democratic leaders in the state Legislature to move on charter schools and teacher evaluations is all the more disappointing because of the urgency for school reforms.

Democrats' dispute on charter schools stalls state education bills
Two bills to reshape Washington's education system stalled in committee Friday creating something of a standoff between supporters and education committee chairwoman Rosemary McAuliffe, D-Bothell.

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