Tacoma Priorities

Changing the Odds

Stand's Tacoma chapter is working with the Tacoma Public School District to change the odds for students and make sure every child has access to the tools, support and resources that will help them achieve.

In 2015, our Stand Tacoma chapter's top priorities are helping elect Tacoma School board members, improving communications for multicultural families, expanding access to high-quality early education, and empowering parents with information about school options in multiple languages and in a user-friendly way.

Better communications for Multicultural families

GOAL: To improve communications for English Language Learners and diverse familes.

  • Are more likely to support their children's academic endeavors.
  • Creates a culture of respect and community within schools.
  • Are more likely to attend college, increasing their lifetime earnings.

High-Quality Preschool

GOAL: To increase the number of Tacoma students receiving high-quality preschool as 3- and 4-year-olds, especially for students of color and from low-income families. Students who participate in preschool programs, like Head Start and ECAEP, are more likely to prepared for and successful in elementary school. Students who attend preschool are:

  • More likely to read on grade-level by third grade.
  • Less likely to be held back.
  • Less likely to be placed in special education.
  • More likely to graduate from high school.
  • More likely to be employed with higher wages as an adult.
  • More healthy and have lower crime rates.

On top of all of those benefits to kids, research also shows preschool saves money in the long run. For every $1 invested in early learning, at least $7 are saved by the government through reduced remediation costs and lower crime rates.

Empowering Parents

GOAL: To increase students and families awareness of their schooling options in Tacoma.  Different students have different needs, so some schools may be better equipped with than others to meet the needs and interests of individual students. When students are aware of their options they can better choose the school that fits them best.

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