Make computer science count

Washington should be a leader in computer science education.

When high schools students look at their class options, too few of them are picking computer science.

The problem is that computer science classes don’t count as a math or science credit. When students think about what classes they need to get into college, they see that other math and science classes look better on their college application than a computer science elective.

That’s backwards. Fortunately, there's a proposal in the state legislature, HB 1472, that would fix this.

More than 3 in 4 Washington voters agree that computer science should count as a math or science credit rather than an elective course. Let's tell lawmakers to pass HB 1472 and make it happen for students this year.

Right now:

  • Computer science is the 2nd highest paid college degree and the field is growing.
  • Washington state ranks 1st in the country in the concentration of STEM jobs but will not have enough graduates to fill many of these positions. "An estimated 30,000 STEM jobs will go unfilled in the next five years due to a lack of qualified candidates," according to Washington STEM.
  • The 9 states that allow computer science to count towards the math or science graduation requirement have seen a large increase in the number of students taking computer science.

Computer science classes should count as a math or science graduation requirement, with rigorous standards and teacher training to ensure more students learn this career-ready skill. 

Washington students should have the skills for Washington jobs.

Sign this petition to make computer science count as a math or science credit toward graduation.

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