2016 Legislative Session

During the 2016 legislative session Stand for Children supported several key pieces of legislation:

Charter Schools: Stand supported a Senate bill to fund charter schools through the Opportunity Pathways Fund (lottery money) instead of through the education budget. The bill passed through the House by a narrow margin and was passed into law.

McCleary Funding: Stand supported the bipartisan bill to establish a task force to review and make recommendations on teacher pay increases and other funding issues still outstanding as a result of the McCleary ruling. Though we believe full funding of basic education is crucial, we also acknowledge the need to thoughtfully address all funding challenges.

Common Core Assessment Standards: Stand stood against a bill that would delink assessment scores from graduation requirements because we believe that standardized assessments effectively assure that ALL our students are being prepared for college and career.

Teacher Professional Development: Stand supported a House bill to create a stronger definition for what constitutes teacher professional development and sets the course for how education leaders support professional learning in order to advance student learning and create accountability.

Teacher Shortages: Stand supported several bills to address Washington’s current teacher shortage; which has reached critical levels. One bill, which looks to increase career opportunities in education, create more robust enrollment forecasting, and enhance recruitment efforts; passed through the legislature and awaits the Governor’s signature.

Levy Lid: Stand supported extending the current levy funding levels due to the ongoing issues regarding full funding of basic education. 

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