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URGENT: Education Policy at Stake in Olympia


Fully funding public education should mean ensuring that students are prioritized first. Dollars that lawmakers dedicate for students should be prioritized for the programs that put students before the system

What does that look like?

  • Dual credit classes that shorten the runway toward college for kids seeking degrees while avoiding student debt.
  • Academic support and dropout prevention to keep kids in school.
  • Resources that address barriers to the classroom for kids struggling with homelessness and poverty.
  • Access to programs for kids who are academically diverse - some who need special education resources, or with other unique capabilities.
  • Career & technical education that illuminates pathways for kids whose interests and talents lie elsewhere than college. 

At the core of these priorities are kids.

Stand for Children is a proud member of the Campaign for Student Success, a diverse coalition of education advocates, parents and community leaders. Please join our effort to put education before the establishment, and work toward real change for Washington students.

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