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Parent & Family Engagement | 12/01/2020

Stacey Vanhoy
Dallas Executive Director, Stand for Children

At a time when we reflect and give thanks, I'm concerned about kids and their families living through this pandemic. I'm worried about the isolation they experience from friends and family, about food and housing insecurity, the anguish of losing loved ones to this devastating virus, and about their academic setbacks. 

That's why, at Home Visit Project, we're partnering with our network of incredible educators to give families and children the support they need right now. Not only are our educators staying in close contact with families and caregivers – calling and texting to ask how families are really doing – but they're also making sure none of their students are going hungry by partnering with local food providers to deliver baskets of meat, produce and household items to their doors.

Will you donate today to allow more educators to stay connected with their students' families during this pandemic?

Watch the short video below to hear Home Visit Project educators talk about how our program has helped them form meaningful virtual connections with families and make sure their students’ needs don’t go ignored.



I'm sure you're receiving a lot of fundraising requests today, but this Giving Tuesday is critical for programs like ours. We're counting on the generosity of education advocates like you so we can continue providing educators the necessary tools and training to support families and kids during this time. 

If you're worried about how children are faring through this pandemic, especially those in families who don't have the time or ability to assist with at-home learning or pay for tutors or special learning pods, then please give to the Home Visit Project today.

Educators, students, and their families are depending on you.


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