Letter to the Editor: New appraisals will raise value of DISD superhero teachers

Teachers & Principals, Who We Are | 05/20/2014

Stacey Hodge
Dallas Director

As Dallas Director, Stacey leads educators in transforming education in Texas.

"A quality teacher is the single most important classroom factor in determining a child's future success."  - Stacey Hodge, Dallas Director - Stand for Children

Stacey Hodge, Director of Stand for Children writes a passionate appeal in support of the Dallas ISD Teacher Excellence Initiative.  Hodge emphasizes the necessity of replacing an old evaluation system based on tenure with a new appraisal plan that recognizes the importance of each teacher and rewards them for their effective work. The TEI will evaluate educators using quantifiable measurements on a teacher’s success from a variety of standpoints and will provide individualized professional development to maximize their skills and areas of growth.  Hodge believes the TEI is an enhanced evaluation system that will lead to greater STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT!

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