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Looking Forward: Our 2016 impact agenda

Teachers are the number one influencer on a child's education inside the classroom. In fact, a teacher's effect on student achievement is 20 times greater than any other variable, and students make three times the academic gains with effective teachers than with less effective ones, regardless of the student's background. Here in Texas, our focus is on teachers and helping them have a greater effect on student learning through smart policies, teacher advocacy, and initiatives such as the following:

  • Advocate for sustained, effective district leadership.
  • Ensure the Teacher Excellence Initiative (TEI) is implemented effectively, with an increased focus on supporting instructional excellence by advocating for:
    • All teachers to have access to effective Campus Instructional Coaches (CIC)
    • All CICs to have access to effective support from Academic Facilitators (AF)
    • Implementation of an evaluation and compensation framework by the 2016-2017 school year to retain strong CICs and AFs.
    • Collaborative planning and coachingtime on every campus by 2016-17
    • New Leaders, a leading national nonprofit that partners with school districtson principal quality, to partner with DISD to support principal development.
  • Ensure Teacher Home Visit pilot, involving 60 educators from 8 schools, is effective, and then advocate for funding for teacher-led family engagement programs at 20-25 campuses for the 2016-17 school year that include home visits and effective ongoing communication with parents.
  • Continue to advocate to ensure the Urban Teacher Center, one of the nation’s leading teacher preparation programs, expands to Dallas.

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