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Home Visit Project

The Home Visit Project grew out of a year-long fellowship with 40 educators in 2014-15. They said, collectively, that family engagement would be the single greatest lever to support their efforts to successfully educate their students, but not just any family engagement.

We launched a pilot of the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project in 2015-16 at 10 campuses within two feeder patterns. Feeders are a high school, the middle school(s), and elementary that feed into them. 46 educators from 10 campuses volunteered and conducted 328 home visits.

When we started, there was NO money to pay the teachers stipends to visit the families, but they did it anyway because they believed it would make a difference.

As of now, our program has trained 1,500 teachers and staff. We are working in Dallas ISD, Fort Worth ISD, and supporting a campus in Houston ISD. OVER 5,500 kids and their families have been visited since we began in 2015-16. 

Through the Home Visit Project, we have found:

  • Attendance is up for those who are visited
  • Both those visited and those not are more engaged in class with that teacher
  • Behavior is better, discipline referrals are down or non-existent
  • Some have reported double digit gains on state tests
  • Teachers are enjoying their jobs more
  • Parents are reaching in more

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