How Texas Stacks Up

Per-pupil spending is clear: States that spend more on their students tend to rank higher.*

The national average education cost $11,665 per pupil. Those spending the least per pupil are more likely to have lower educational achievement among their students. Texas currently spends $8,363 per student, coming in 49th in terms of per pupil spending. Our state ranks 32nd in the nation for achievement. In stark contrast, the top five highest ranked states for educational achievement all spend over $13,000 per students. 

Education is a very real economic driver. A high school dropout can expect to make below $20,000 a year.  A college degree increases those annual earnings to over $50,000, and those who attain advanced degrees average over $70,000.   Over a lifetime, those differences are enormous. It’s clear – how well we educate our children has a profound impact on the financial health of our state. 

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*”Analysis: How Much States Spend on Their Kids Really Does Matter,” National Journal, October 2012,

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