Education Pays is an educational resource about the funding crisis taking place in schools across Texas. With the most pertinent and up-to-date summary of the funding issues, you can learn, spread the word and take action. Let's demand better for our students. 

The most significant issue barring academic success of children in our state is the staggering cuts dealt to public education. Having an adequate and equitable budget will improve academic success, keep effective teachers and programs and ensure that all children, regardless of their background, graduate from high school prepared for, and with access to, a college education. To help achieve our shared mission, we’re focusing on issues that will make a real difference for Texas’ kids: 

  • Educating communities about school funding in Texas and what needs to change. We believe our state funding system can and must provide districts with adequate, equitable and predictable funding that takes into account student needs, enrollment growth, and inflation.
  • Ensuring all children have access to high-quality Pre-K. Early education has a proven impact, and needs to be a priority in Texas.
  • Continuing to champion educator quality. We must ensure that our best resources, teachers and principals are leading our classrooms and schools. Additionally, we will advocate for needed improvements to educator preparation, professional development, evaluations, and support.
  • Support the expansion and accountability of charter schools. We will ensure that charter schools with strong leadership and academic outcomes are able to expand across the state while holding underachieving charters accountable for their performance.

Stand for Children shares its mission with KDK Harman Foundation in working towards breaking the cycle of poverty through education and closing the achievement gap for low income students in Texas.  All OF OUR work with parents and partners aims at improving outcomes for our most in-need children and ensuring they are prepared for post-secondary success.

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