2012 School Finance Lawsuits

School finance lawsuits have been part of Texas history since the 1970s. The courts ensure that the state funds public schools efficiently and adequately, though this is not easily carried out since the Texas constitution prohibits a statewide property tax to infuse the state with needed funds. The courts oversee school districts to ensure they use "meaningful discretion" in setting their property tax rates.

In 2012, the Texas Charter School Finance Complaint, Fort Bend ISD Et. Al. School Finance Complaint, TREE School Finance Complaint, Texas School Coalition School Finance Complaint, Taxpayer and Student Fairness Coalition Complaint, MALDEF School Finance Complaint, and Texas Response In School Finance Lawsuit filed against the Commissioner of Education, Texas State Board of Education and the Texas Comptroller of Public Affairs claiming inequitable and inadequate funding for schools. 

The most recent lawsuit included over two-thirds of Texas school districts and through a lengthy litigation process, the judge deemed the current finance system for public schools unconstitutional since it fails to provide equal access to education and efficient use of the funds necessary to provide equitable general education across the state. The fight is not over as the appeal process has already begun. 

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So: it's unconstitutional. Let's do something about it. 

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