What We've Accomplished

Wins for Dallas Children

We are proud of what we have accomplished over the past few years  - from championing teacher excellence to piloting several programs aimed at improving student achievement - and we know we have more work to do. These successes have meant big wins for Dallas students so far, and they encourage us to keep fighting so that all students receive an excellent education.

Teacher Quality

  • Championed the passage of the Teacher Excellence Initiative and continue to be involved in implementation by holding regular dialogues with Superintendent Miles and Lindsay Coshatt, TEI Manager.
  • After Stand fellows identified the lack of an effective teacher pipeline, we helped bring the Urban Teacher Center to Dallas to begin conversations for a master’s level pipeline.
  • Provided training and assistance to 75 teachers eligible for Distinguished Teacher Review (DTR) to complete their application.
  • Seven educators testified on teacher quality/evaluation bills in Austin, and many other Stand educators have written op-eds, letters to the editor, met with trustees, and spoken at board meetings in the name of furthering teacher effectiveness and quality schools in Dallas ISD.


  • To address misinformation in the district, we urged Supt. Miles to start a proactive communication strategy which turned into “Superintendent’s Notes” in January2015.
  • In early May, 2015, prior to the schoolboard vote on whether to remove Supt.Miles, we organized a petition drive that netted over 1,200 signatures and 350 comments in less than 48 hours and helped turnout 150 people to rally for Supt. Miles.The board voted 7-2 to retain Supt. Miles.


  • Launched the Texas Educator Network (TEN) in July 2013.
  • Stand educators identified the need and then advocated and secured consumable test booklets for ALL kids.
  • Launched training for a pilot program geared toward teacher-led parent engagement. 60 educators from the Pinkston and North Dallas feeder patters were trained by the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project. The pilot will launch this year..
  • Successfully advocated for retaining the evidence-based academic and social support program AVID at a DISD middle school.

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