Texas Educator Network

Our Texas Educator Network (TEN) is a grassroots organization that provides public school educators a platform to use their unique and valuable perspective to inform and shape key decisions, both at the local and state levels, which affect educators and students. 

Having a strong educator year-after-year puts all children, especially those from low-income families, on the trajectory toward a high school diploma preparing them for college and/or a career.

The goal of the Texas Educator Network is to make schools the best environment possible for high-quality teachers and principals so they may effectively serve their students and communities.

By using their influential voices in solutions-based way, alongside others who are willing to take a stand for change, our members are given the opportunity to: 

  • Ensure their voices are heard
  • Engage with school board members to help shape education reform decisions
  • Leverage experience as educators to impact policies and state legislation through meetings with decision-makers
  • Continue learning through seminars and best-practice sharing among members
  • Network with other key stake-holders in the community 

Join other educators to advocate for great public schools for all children, regardless of their background. Contact Stacey Hodge for questions or to become a member: 



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