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Stand for Children in Houston

What’s Happening in Houston

Our Houston team is hard at work building our first city chapter! Right now, we are working to:

  • Spark conversation about school funding and the needs on Houston campuses
  • Launching and growing our teams in Houston's East End, Denver Harbor, Third Ward, Sunnyside, and South Park areas
  • Support community events like Children at Risk’s Future of Texas’ Children Conference

We want to hear from you! Our community organizers are meeting with community leaders, teachers, and parents like you all over Houston to hear your concerns. Email us at and we'll connect you to the organizer in your neighborhood! Se habla español.

Our City’s Challenges

Houston is among the top ten largest school districts in the nation, and faces some distinct challenges:

  • Nearly 80% of Houston ISD students are economically disadvantaged (1)
  • More than half of the general student population in Harris County is considered to be at risk of dropping out (2)
  • African American and Hispanic students in Texas are an average of 2 years behind their white peers

It takes people like you to change these statistics – and change lives. We are working with families, schools, and local leaders in Houston to help make sure every child in our city gets a strong education and is set up for a bright future.

1 HISD “2012 Facts and Figures

2 Children at Risk, “Growing up in Houston”, 2010-12 edition