Shauntee Watson

School: Hector P. Garcia Middle School
Class: 6th-8th grade ELAR Campus Instructional Coach
Experience: 12 years

It is my personal desire to make sure my students at my campus (as well as all those I come in contact with) receive the best from their teachers. Similar to the mission of Stand for Children, I believe that every student deserves our best every day. No child should receive a sub par education because of the community in which they live. I often find myself reminding our teachers that our students, or "these students" as some label them, are why we are here every day, and there is a "reason" why we chose Dallas ISD and urban education. Whether it is a greater financial opportunity, or whatever the reason, we are paid a very nice salary to do a lot of work. I often say, who are we to give "these students" mediocre when we could cause so much ruckus if a teacher DARED to give our own children the same "type" of education. No one community is more deserving than the other. The luck of the draw should not influence the paid service we give to our students.

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