Ryan Davenport

School: North Dallas High School
Class: Economics (12th) / Yearbook
Experience: 2 years

“The central theme of my classroom is exemplified in one word: thrive. My goal is to break down barriers of mediocrity and put an end to the “soft bigotry of low expectations” that some of my students have experienced in their journey through Dallas ISD’s education system.” In my classroom I teach my students the value of strategic experiences, strong relationships, and honed skills. These are not solely focused on academia, but in the workplace, and in their personal lives. Living life thoughtfully can yield tremendous results. When we work, we test our knowledge rigorously; we utilize new technologies and continuously think of ways that they can be applied; we think of experiences that can help us reach our goals and we create actionable steps to attain them. Everything we do is in an effort to exceed expectations—and not the expectations of those around us—but our expectations for ourselves. My students also leave my classroom having drafted a strong resume that shines a light on their unique experiences throughout high school, they develop strong interviewing skills, and create real, livable budgets for themselves now and in the future. My students aren’t simply prepared for college, they’re prepared to thrive.

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