John Oberly

School: Thomas Jefferson High School
Class: 9th grade Algebra
Experience: 2 years

The most important feature of my work with students last year was the commitment I made to setting high expectations from the very beginning of the year. The principle theme for my classroom was 'Pride'. We routinely revisited (as a class) what it meant to have pride in our selves, and in our work. In pushing toward college and career readiness, I felt it essential that my students understand that work without pride is not worthy of submission. I believe that the construction of a positive self-image is an essential prerequisite to academic success. I have expanded my theme this year by adding 'Ambition' and encouraging my students to set, seek, and achieve high goals. My students will come to believe that their background merely defines the first chapter in their story, and the scope of their ambition will write the rest.

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