Adaure Nduka

School: Seagoville High School
Class: 9th grade Biology
Experience: 2 Years

“We don’t do easy, we make easy happen through hard work and learning”. That quote was the theme of my classroom last year. I had my students map their futures at the beginning of the year and a lot of them did not see themselves in college. A lot of my students did not believe they were smart enough to go to college let alone strive for a profession that required higher education. My goal from that point on was to get them college ready, so that if they decided to choose a different path they would be equipped. In my classroom I challenged my students. I challenged the way they thought and taught them how to problem solve. I broke the mold of being able to opt out from working. I encouraged them when they would succeed and most importantly when they would fail. My students were used to giving up, so encouraging them to try again helped them establish a sense of resilience. I taught my students a sense of responsibility. We took college style notes and this made them feel like they were in charge of their learning. I explored their interests and showed them how a college education would open so many doors for them to do what they loved. My once timid students took their end of year exam with full confidence. After the exam hearing, “that was easy” was quite alarming to me as their teacher. I had forgotten that we made easy happen because we applied ourselves and worked hard. Towards the end of that year the same students who once feared college, were curious and excited about a future they never thought they had access to. How do I exemplify ensuring that every student graduates from high school prepared for, and with access to a college education? I give them access to information about college they never knew existed. I work hard to be the best teacher I can be for them and demand they give me the best version of themselves.

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