Tennessee Staff

Carla Holloway, Ed.D.

Outreach Coordinator

Carla Holloway is a life-long Memphian and career educator. Her love for teaching started when she was 6 years old and her passion for educating children and education in general has not changed. She taught and served as a school and district level administrator for over 30 years with Memphis City and Shelby County schools.

After obtaining a Doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership, she retired from Shelby County Schools and started Holloway Consulting, an independent consulting firm that works with school-based administrators and teacher leaders within Memphis and Shelby County. The primary focus of Holloway Consulting is to coach principals and teacher leaders in best practices for leading teams, establishing strong cultures of learning, designing and facilitating cycles of professional learning and data analysis by using a variety of coaching models including Observation & Feedback and Co-planning.

Carla believes teachers are the most important factors in a child’s education. To improve academic outcomes, we must have effective teachers instructing students on a daily basis. Just as effective instructional practices are integral to improving student outcomes, effective leadership practices must be in place to increase the effectiveness levels of teachers. She also believes all children deserve to be educated in environments that are led by highly effective instructional leaders and teachers who are developed and coached on using effective instructional practices. She works tirelessly to make certain all students are receiving a high- quality education. Once this goal is achieved we will have a better Memphis and a better Shelby County. 

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