Reading @ Home: What Parents Can Do

Get ready for the school year by joining the Memphis Early Literacy Consortium for our [email protected]: What Parents Can Do literacy series.

Hear community partners give strategies and guidelines on ways to make reading at home with your students engaging and fun! Parents will also learn about resources that can be used at home to create a supportive regimen for a daily reading schedule and hear presentations from Shelby County Schools, University of Memphis, UT Health Science Center, Arise2Read, and more!

You don’t want to miss this informative and engaging event! Check out our agenda and RSVP today! 



Thursday, Aug 20th -

4:00 pm - Owen Phillips, UT Health Science Center - Meaningful Differences: The importance of language development ages 0-3 years and a local strategy addressing the disparities’

5:00 pm -  Cecelia Johnson-Powell & Twana Whitlock, Driving the Dream-United Way -Finding Resources For Your Family During COVID 19

 6:00 pm -  Debbie Moncrief, The University of Memphis - "Invisible Barriers to Literacy"


Monday, Aug 24th-

4:00 pm - LaShanda Simmons Fason & Amelia Bell, Shelby County Schools - Diving into Wonders: A Guide for Parents

5:00 pm - Karen Vogelsang, Arise2Read - No-Cost Strategies to Support Early Childhood Language and Literacy Development

6:00 pm - Sue Schnitzer, Memphis Public Library - Early Literacy Basics and Library resources (Buildings and Online)


Thursday, Aug 27th -

4:00 pm -  Anne Zachry, UT Health Science Center - Strategies to Address Fine Motor and Pre-Writing Skills in Preschoolers

5:00 pm -  Wideline Seraphin & Katie Wade-Jaimes, The University of Memphis -  Doing What We Do Best:  Using Family Voice to Teach Literacy 

6:00 pm -  Katherine Graham Mendex, The University of Memphis - Beyond Bedtime Stories: Supporting Literacy Development At Home

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