Stephanie P. Love

Stephanie Love is a life-long citizen of Millington, Northern Memphis, and Unincorporated Shelby County. She is the parent of two school-aged children.

Love studied at the University of Memphis with a focus on Psychology.  Additionally, she obtained a license in cosmetology.

Stephanie Love’s advocacy for children began in 2011 at Delano Head Start where she sought to provide adequate parking for student safety.  Her willingness to act earned her a seat as Vice-Chair of the Shelby County Policy Council with Head Start.

Her unselfish nature and tireless work ethic soon led her to work with the Frayser Neighborhood Council. In her position as Vice President, she led many efforts to improve the community including creating safer school environments, halting blight, and minimizing gang activity.

Stephanie Love was elected to the Shelby County School Board in August 2014 and was re-elected in 2016. During her tenure, she has effectively advocated for social-emotional support for children and families, intentional parent engagement,  facility improvements, and additional funding for district 3.

Love has remained committed to her original message working with the people to improve the educational system in the Frayser, Raleigh, and unincorporated areas in district 3. Stephanie is a firm believer that when the entire community works together, it can accomplish more than its established goals.

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