Electoral Work: Electing Education Champions

Shelby County will hold its election on Thursday, August 6th, and Stand for Children Tennessee has endorsed five candidates running for the Shelby County Board of Education. It's crucial for all of us to take part in the school board election and cast our votes for these education champions. 

Endorsed candidates:  

Althea Greene - District 2 

Stephanie P. Love - District 3

Kevin Woods - District 4 

Sheleah Harris - District 5 

Miska Clay-Bibbs - District 7

Click on a candidate's name to read their bios and find out more about their qualifications and experience.

Important dates for the Shelby County election:

Voter Registration deadline: Tuesday, July 7th

Last Day for Absentee Ballot Request: Thursday, July 30th

Early Voting period: Friday, July 17th - Saturday, August 1st

Election Day: Thursday, August 6th

For more voting information: proudvoter.org/partner/stand-for-children

About Stand's Endorsement Process

A large part of achieving progress in building better public schools is to ensure that the individuals in charge of education policy are making the best decisions when it comes to our children’s future.

When an election occurs that impacts education – whether it is local school boards or state representatives – we have to determine whether or not to get involved. Our parent and member endorsement process helps us understand if a candidate is a leader who will stand up for what is best for children in our education system.

Not just anyone can be endorsed by Stand for Children. We run a rigorous endorsement process. By using surveys, forums, and candidate interviews, our parents and members are given the opportunity to ask tough questions of candidates to understand where they stand on key issues. From there we decide who has what it takes to be an education champion.

Once we endorse a candidate, we want that candidate to win. To help them do so, we engage our members and supporters to assist us with:

  • virtual organizing
  • phone banking
  • direct mail
  • radio ads
  • and other tactics

Electing education champions is a key part of education advocacy. All together, we can create change. 

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