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Topic: Electoral & Legislative Work

Welcome to the 108th General Assembly


…”Mr. Sergeant at Arms, invite the members into the chambers and close the doors.”

These were the words of both Speakers as they brought down their gavels to convene the 108th Tennessee General Assembly. With the striking of their mallets, Speaker Ramsey and Speaker Harwell ushered in what is shaping up to be a riveting legislative session. And while the first few days of session are always exciting, everyone seems incredibly mindful of all of the work that beckons, especially on the education front.

Urgent - 3 days left! We must VOTE for our kids!


With just 3 days left in this election, who will be leading our district on Aug. 3rd? Now is the time to decide. Will it be new leaders? Or the same old faces?

Over 60,000 cast their vote during early voting so far in these August primaries and school board elections. The election on Aug. 2 will be a pivotal moment for our schools; the leadership we elect will carry our district through the merger; and, Stand for Children has been working hard to make sure your endorsements win.

Behind the Scenes at Stand Tennessee


As Stand for Children Tennessee prepares for the Shelby County unified school election on August 2, staff, volunteers and supporters are working now more than ever.

Dorcea Brown, is a teacher in Memphis City Schools and a canvass lead for Stand for Children. Dressed in her Stand paraphernalia, she participated in an early voting flash mob at a polling site. In addition to educating the community about candidates and issues, another perk of canvassing is the impact it has on her team. 

Nashville Budget: Teacher Salaries and Tax Increases


This week we have a special guest post from member and Nashville Metro Public School teacher, Ashley Croft. You can read more on her blog here.

In Metro/Davidson County, we are currently going through a major budget approval process in which the mayor has proposed a budget that requires a 53 cent property tax increase. Last night was the second reading of the budget, and the public turnout both for and against, was huge.

Courageous Elected Leaders Wanted: An Inside Look on How our Memphis Endorsement Committee Works


The Stand for Children Endorsement Committee has been gathering over the past several months to make a choice on who will get recommendations for the Stand for Children endorsement for the Shelby County School Board elections on August 2nd, 2012. This group of dedicated leaders has taken their responsibility seriously. Each committee member put in preparation long before decision time. The candidates were researched by committee members and this information was shared among the committee.  A candidate questionnaire was developed by

Advocating for Education on Capitol Hill


A group of over thirty Stand for Children members, coming from as far as Memphis, got together yesterday to head to Capitol Hill in Nashville to participate in our annual legislative advocacy day.

Before meeting with our legislators in the afternoon we met to go over our top agenda items. Our main goals were to encourage expanded funding for Pre-K, ensure continued implimentation of our new teacher evaluation system, gain support of ESEA waiver, and to keep the lottery scholarship requirements as they currently stand. 

More Information on the No Child Left Behind Waiver


We hope the post yesterday provided some context and understanding for the NCLB waiver. We want to offer you some more tools and an extended analysis of what the waiver will mean to our state and the other nine states affected by the decision.

Explaining the NCLB Waiver


Many of us have become familiar with the terms and language of NCLB: Annual Yearly Progress (AYP), Failing Schools, Achievement Gaps, Proficient and Advanced, Basic, and Below Basic, etc.



As a self professed nerd and a student advocate I was excited to attend the meet and great for the new transition commission. I am ready to get to work. I am happy to report that the meeting was less social gathering and more like freshman orientation. I sat with pen in hand ready to capture the golden nuggets and they were as follows:

1. The ex-officio members The Mayor, The President of MCS and SCS School Board are all voting members of the commission.