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Topic: What We Do

Ways to Get Involved and Stand for Education in Memphis


There are two big ways that Memphians can get involved and make a stand for the future of education. Stand is proud to be working on and supporting both.

First, as a follow-up to our education community meetings and continuing our focus on supporting Priority Schools, we are letting you know- 

The Achievement Advisory Council Needs You!

The Common Core Webinar Recap-

This week Stand for Children – Tennessee was super excited to host a state-wide webinar to get to the core of the Common Core State Standards! In total, 25 parents and teachers joined together to hear from three great experts who discussed and answered questions around the new standards.

Our First Webinar!


Last week, Stand for Children Tennessee hosted its very first webinar focused at educating parents, teachers, and community members on hot topics in the education policy realm.  This month’s policy topic that was chosen was the Portfolio Strategy.  Not clear on what the Portfolio Strategy means for school districts? Never fear! We've got the answers for you.  

Great Schools begin with Great Teachers

Last week, Stand for Children Leaders gathered together over 20 of their friends and colleagues at the Noah Liff Opera Center for an open conversation around teacher quality and how we can improve the teacher recruitment and selection process here in Nashville.

The best teachers for Nashville classrooms


If a teacher is the greatest influence on a child’s education, then how do we get the best teachers in Nashville’s classrooms? 

This is a critical issue facing our district. A recent Harvard University report indicated that a single high-performing kindergarten teacher can increase a child’s future earning potential by as much as $200,000.

All Children Deserve Access to College

All children deserve access to college and we must put aside our stereotypes to believe that all children can attain college if they so desire.

Teachers Must Be Included in Parent Engagement Dialogues

Teachers’ opinions and wisdom can’t be left at the door when it comes to parent engagement. Our teachers have information, expertise, and knowledge that parent engagement researchers, experts, and practitioners need in order to do the work of engaging parents.

Schools Need Engagement of the 99%

Thinking about the hard-to-reach parents in your school community? These families have knowledge that teachers and adminstrators need in order to help develop and educate our children. In this article, find practical ways to engage the 99%.

Teacher Evaluations Released in Memphis


Since 2009 Stand for Children has been the leading advocacy group in Memphis working to ensure all students have an effective teacher, every year.

To that end, we have been committed to advocating for policies to transform our district through the following four strategies:

First Ever Graduation of Memphis Stand UP University for Parents


Stand for children is excited to announce the graduation of 20 parents from Douglass Elementary from our first ever, Stand UP University for Parents.    Graduation of these committed and engaged parents occurred on Wednesday, May 16th in conjunction with the Douglass Middle School promotion service.  These 20 parents learned what they can do at home and at school to make